Monday, October 17, 2011

Sound Engineer saves Guitar Tech's life

If you have ever actually watched my Cowboy Mouth crew, you noticed we work very hard but when we can, we play just as hard.
A few years ago, we had been on a very hard tour but had a few days off at this fishing resort in Arkansas. They say it is the best trout fishing in the country.
It was beautiful and the people there were very nice to us. They let us use their fishing poles, canoes and paddles. There were no life jackets but the water was only a couple of feet deep and crystal clear. You could see the fish swimming around below us and you could actually hit the fish on the head with the bait if you wanted. This was the kind of day we desperately needed.
Our sound guy Adam and I decided we were going to try our hand at fishing, or at least paddle the river and check out the scenery. I'm pretty sure neither one of us would have known what to do if we actually caught a fish but we were having an awesome day anyway.
We paddled down the river and came to a shallow part. It was so shallow, we had to get out of the canoe and carry it across some rocks then continued.
We were having a perfect afternoon but when we got a few hundred yards past the shallow part, ALL of the birds around us took off, all of the insects quit making their noises then all of a sudden, it was completely silent.
I turned around and looked at Adam in the back of the canoe and said "Well, this is a little weird".
We decided it was probably a good idea to turn around and leave seeing every other living creature around us did the same.
We turned around but it was only a few minutes until we noticed the water flowing harder and harder and faster and faster.
We tried so hard to paddle our way back but the water kept turning the canoe sideways and taking us further and further down the river. We found out later they had opened the dam up river and the water went up 15 feet in 10 minutes.
It took for ever and we were completely exhausted but we made it over to the edge and tried to pull our way to safety using weeds, tree limbs, anything we could grab!
I guess now would be a good time to tell you I can't really swim, huh?

Adam actually jumped out of the canoe into cold cold water and dragged the canoe over to a place where we would be safe.
While this was happening, I was thinking it would only be a few seconds after the canoe tipped over, I would be dead. It was that simple.
Lucky for me, Adam was able to get us to someones private pier.
Safe!!!! Thank God!
We tied the canoe to the pier and looked at each other...
We didn't have a phone, had now idea where we were, and no clue what to do next..

We had been there about half an hour when we see Regina walking.
With a raging river between us, we finally catch her attention. We were right where we were supposed to be, just on the wrong side of the river. She looks at us as we are almost in a panic and she yells back "Dinner is ready!!"

After a few minutes she figured out we were stranded and went for help. It took over an hour and a half for the people who owned the resort to drive down to the nearest bridge to get on our side of the river and rescue us. During this time, Stewart and JP were trying to throw beer to us from across the river just to make it worse..
Now the water was so violent, it broke the rope on the canoe and took it down river along with our pride..
Of course they made Adam and I pay for that canoe.. $400.
So, if you live between Memphis and New Orleans on the river and had a canoe get washed up into your yard, we would like it back.. Or, we would take $350 for it. It may have come with a pair of shoes, sunglasses and maybe 3 fishing poles. it was a mighty fine boat!
Thank you..

Thank you Adam!

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