Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The First "Priceless" MDX Guitar

Pretty isn't it?
It is a copy of a Fender S.R.V. Strat with a Buddy Guy paint job..
Each dot is the exact size and placement as Buddy Guy's guitar.
The Only difference is, this one has a rosewood fingerboard.
I had started making it right before my mom and brother got really sick in 1997.
When me and the person I was making this guitar first started talking about it, he said "I'm in no hurry.. Take your time.."
You have NO  idea how much I hate to hear someone say that!

This guy bugged the ever-loving bejesus out of me. My mom had a stroke and was in and out of hospital, Dann was starting to shut down, it was the most absolute worst time in my life.
This f-n guy would not quit!
I am about to lose my mom, Dann doesn't look good at all! He was in and out of the hospital because he was drowning on the inside. He would go in and they would drain fluid from him. He would lose 20-30 lbs in just a few days..
This guy wouldn't give me a minutes piece.. Calling, stopping by, leaving notes, some rude..
A few days after Dann's funeral he stopped by and needed to know when it was going to be finished. He had to have it!
Doing that paint job was one of the hardest I've done. Keeping black out of white, white out of black, it drove me crazy. I remember looking at it so much, it started to not look right. I almost started over..
Drove me completely crazy!
Not even a month after my brother's funeral and just a few days after my mom's funeral, I called this SOB and told him to come get this F-n guitar. It was finished.
I had been completely devastated and I never wanted to hear from this guy again.
He came to my shop, picked up the guitar and picked on it for what seemed like forever.
I finally told him I needed to go and just pay me so I can leave.
He said " oh....... Well, I don't have the money to pay for this."

I pretty much threw the guy out of my shop, shut the guitar case and shoved it under my bed.
To this day.. That guitar is in perfect condition, still in that case, shoved under a bed..
There is no amount of money that could pay me for what I had to give up for this guitar to exist.
It hasn't seen the light of day in years.
Well, a few years ago I got a recording program for my laptop.
I recorded a few little tunes with this guitar. Great sounding guitar. Too bad it's hard for me to look at. That was the only time it has been out of that case.. Same time these photos were taken.
I really don't have to worry about seeing it tho..
It's locked up in that case.. shoved under a bed.

Oh!! About a year or so later he called me (from a different number or I wouldn't have answered). He said he was making speaker cabinets and wanted to know if I would help him sell some.

Stunned, I hung up on him.

This is a tune I did with this guitar. Sorry for the flubs. I never took the time to learn (or cared) how to fix them.
I was already jaded before pushing "start". Regina Zernay did the bass, in the back lounge of the bus..
Listen if you want, or not..
I never said I was a Musician or an Artist...
I am a Craftsman

-For more information visit MDXGuitars.com

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